Faculty Research Seminar Series

The Faculty research forum is a dynamic monthly lecture series that highlights the diversity of our academic research within the University of Tokyo community. The purpose is to share processes and projects and to facilitate and nourish collaboration across disciplinary boundaries. Our forum has a fluid format, from formal academic presentations to more informal talks in order to encourage open discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Upcoming Event

Jacqueline Andall
Destination Choices and Settlement Decisions: Ghanaian Migration to Japan
Wednesday, April 27th 2016 from 3.15-4.15
Venue: Building 18, 4F, Collaboration Room 2


Past Events

Sharity Nelson
Parody and the Defense of the Aesthetic in Fragment VII of the 'Canterbury Tales'
Wednesday, December 9th from 3.15-4.15
Venue: Building 18, 4F, Collaboration Room 2


Flavio Rizzo
Hikikomori: The Involuntary Poetics of Postmodern Hermits
Wednesday, November 11th 2015, from 3.15-4.15
Venue: Building 18, 1F, Media Lab 2


Gavin Furukawa and Lucy Glasspool
Social Definitions of Gender: Trans, Women, and *Nyuuhaafu*
Wednesday, October 14th 2015 from 3.15-4.15
Building 18, Collaboration Room 2